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Web 2.0 tools
Web 2.0 tools related links
  Web Link
  Link   windowshop
Amazon window shop
  Link   Goanimate
  Link   Google for educators
Google for Educators
  Link   Lilgrams
Your Babys fotos shared with your friends
  Link   Wikispaces
Wikis for everyone
  Link   Protagonize
Protagonize lets you explore your hidden writing talent. Create and develop your own original stories or contribute to existing stories. Discuss and refine your writing, style and technique with thousands of other authors. Follow your favourite stori
  Link   Blogr
Your space for photos,videos, podcasts and your blog
  Link   Blogger
Create a blog. It’s free.
  Link   Vistazoo
VistaZoo is a customizable portal from where you can create stunning, professional Virtual Tours combining panoramas, pictures, video, audio, floorplans and objects in 3D.
  Link   stumbleupon
Let StumbleUpon know what your interests are and have it show you more websites and web pages that you’ll like. Thumb up content you like and thumb down that which you don’t.
  Link   delicious
Save and share the best web content. Discover both the favorite content of others and browse what’s currently popular on’ home page.
  Link   MyHeritage
MyHeritage has taken hold as one of the web’s leading family networks. Its incredibly popular Face Recognition widget has propelled it into the blogosphere and social networking scene as well.
  Link   frappr
Create maps for people of certain interests, or browse and join the maps of other users, adding yourself and your location.
  Link   Twitter
A social networking, micro-blogging and communication phenomenon, the revolutionary service connects people from all over the world via the question, "What are you doing?"
  Link, the social music revolution
Billing itself as the social music revolution, lets you connect with friends, discover music they like, discover music you’ll probably like and keep up with music events and news. Download tracks from Amazon or listen to free online radio.
  Link   A social network especially for mothers
A social network especially for mothers, MothersClick lets moms discuss their issues, problems and solutions. Read articles, post classified ads, recipes, photos and blogs.
  Link   Flickr
With a fantastic collection of images, Flickr is both a great place to store your photographs and to search for high-quality images.
  Link   Facebook - Social Networking
Facebook attempts to bring all the features of social networking - messaging, photos, chat, groups, events and games - together into one web service. Find old friends, colleagues and new acquaintances and never lose touch again.
  Link   the machine Is Us/ing Us Video
Α video to watch: the machine Is Us/ing Us
  Link   Web 2.0 tools Index
An index of Web 2.0 tools
  Link   Generalities about Web 2.0
Generalities about Web 2.0
  Link   TeachWeb2
A group of curious teachers who explore and brainstorm ways to integrate Web 2.0 technologies into our teaching.
  Link   Cool Tools for Schools I
  Link   Cool Tools for Schools II
Compiled for Schools
  Link   Google’s support of teachers
Google’s support of teachers (maybe Web 1.75…):
  Link   British Councils promotional video Second Life Teen Grid educational island
The British Council has entered Second Life Teen Grid to create an educational island for learners of English as of 2007. This is a promotional video.
  Link   Nik Peachey’s Learning Technology Blog
A very interesting blog. It’s full of information on learning technologies and English Language Teaching. Nik Peachey has also collaborated with the British Council.
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