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  Link   lulu
Avoid the hassles of publishers and agents: publish your own manuscripts with Lulu. Browse the content that others have published via the site and vie to be featured on Lulu’s front page!
Create, store and share documents within your Google accountwith Google’s free online document management feature.
  Link   writeboard
Writeboard lets users edit documents while still being able to access earlier versions of the same text. Subscribe to RSS feeds of documents’ changes and share documents with as many people as you like.
  Link   wufoo
Create forms for every survey you’d care to perform. From the daily “what to have for lunch” question to more in-depth questionnaires, Wufoo has a solution for most queries.
  Link   dabbledb
Create reports, calendars, charts and whole databases in an sharable format. Easily import data and present it in simple, attractive ways.
  Link   imcooked
An entire site dedicated to food, Im Cooked lets members share recipes, make friends, watch cooking videos and learn more about culinary arts without the frills that often come with gourmet food television shows and websites.
  Link   cocktailbuilder
Have a lot of bar fixings lying around and aren’t sure what to do with them? Enter your ingredients into the Cocktail Builder and let it tell you which concoctions you can make! Find recipes, drink suggestions and purchase bar paraphernalia.
  Link   comiqs
Easily create comic strips out of your own images and browse the work of others.
  Link   zango
Zango houses a virtually limitless database of free games, tools, videos and applications. Monetized by advertising and thus free to use, Zango offers hours of online entertainment.
  Link   Help Yahoo!
Help Yahoo! users answer questions on every topic imaginable. Ask questions and have the community help you out with answers.
  Link   Child-care related portal
Connect with parents worldwide. Ask and answer questions about all things child-care related.
  Link   Digg’s massive, tech-savvy community
Submit your stories to Digg’s massive, tech-savvy community. Vote on the stories of others and hope to make it to Digg’s much-coveted front page.
  Link   Reddit’s social news site
Find political stories, amusing pictures, current news and discussions on Reddit’s social news site. Discuss news stories with others and enjoy one of the web’s more engaging communities.
  Link   iStats
Track your health and fitness regime. Enter your workouts into iStats’ system and monitor your progress with others.
  Link   Google’s start page
Get your daily fix of the web with Google’s start page. Customizable with a variety of widgets, Google’s start page can include regular features such as weather reports as well as fun stuff like Beer of the Day.
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