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Project Team RA CTI



Demetra Egarchou


Ms Egarchou is a member of the Further Education and Training Sector (TEK) of the Research Academic Computer Technology Institute (RA-CTI). BSc in Physics with an MSc in New Trends in Information and Communication Technologies from the University of Athens, she has been working with RA-CTI since 1999, mainly involved in management and implementation of innovative educational technology national (e.g. ODYSSEIA programme, KIRKI, Pleiades, Teacher Training in ICTs utilization in the educational practice) and European projects (e.g. MustLearnIT – as the project coordinator, LeViS, i.e.Us), acquiring skills and gaining know-how and experience in areas like: educational software development and localization, utilization of ICT in education, design and implementation of innovative ICT-based methodologies in school environment, ICT-based Distance Learning (e.g. e-Learning tools & educational material), procurement engineering and projects coordination and monitoring. Her previous working experience (1985-1999) includes 13 years in the ICT domain within the Greek Computer Industry, as an executive in technical, product marketing and new media service areas as well as software development and localization project management areas.

Anastasios Triantis


Dr Triantis is a member of the Further Education and Training Sector (TEK) of the RACTI since 2001. His BSc is in Mathematics and his PhD is in both fields of software engineering and artificial intelligence. Particularly his PhD involves the construction of an integrated environment for implementing e-learning applications based on the technology of intelligent agents. As a senior software engineering, he has been involved in the design and the implementation of a web based Learning Management System for the needs of large scale national projects. Since 2004, he is leading the technical team of TEK.

Maria Fountana


Ms Fountana: has a background in educational studies and ICT, BA in Philosophy, Education and Psychology, University of Athens, Greece (1999) and Ma in ICT, University of London, U.K. (2001). She is currently a PhD student in the area of technology and education at the University of Athens, Greece. Her research interests concern investigating and describing teacher communities during and after the completion of their task as well as developing methodologies for designing, implementing and supporting teacher communities as an integral part of the teacher practice. She has been actively involved in several National and European projects as a member of the research group of the Educational Technology Lab, UoA, GR since October 2001 and as a member of the RA-CTI / Educational Technology sector since October 2003.

Celia Roniotes


Currently with the Research Academic Computer Technology Institute, her background includes a BA in English Literature and Language studies from the University of Athens, followed by postgraduate studies leading to an MSC in Machine Translation from UMIST. Professional experience includes: English language teaching, research, design and development of Machine Translation and Natural Language Processing Systems (ILSP, Esteam AB), software localisation, involvement in educational technology projects ranging from monitoring educational software localisation and the development of accompanying educational material for the teacher and student (Kirki project, CTI), implementation and monitoring of a distance learning model for teaching English in multigrade primary schools, also developing accompanying ICT based educational material (MuStLearnIT project, CTI). Skills acquired from the above include the use of ICT systems and tools for education and language technologies, project management and coordination, good communication skills with school communities.

Nicos C. Sifakis


Dr. Sifakis is a lecturer on the M.Ed. for EFL Teachers in the School of Humanities of the Hellenic Open University, Greece, also an external associate of RA-CTI. He holds a Ph.D. in Language and Linguistics from the University of Essex, UK. In the past ten years, he has written and edited numerous EFL teacher training materials for distance learning. He has further published more than 30 papers in various international refereed journals (e.g., TESOL Quarterly, English for Specific Purposes Journal, System, Language and Education, etc). He co-founded the ESP/EAP SIG of TESOL Greece in 2000 and was its coordinator until 2004. His research interests include ESOL teacher training, adult education, the teaching of English as an international lingua franca and intercultural communication.

Giorgos Zagouras gzagou.jpg Giorgos Zagouras is a member of the Further Education and Training Sector (TEK) of the Research Academic Computer Technology Institute (RA-CTI) since 2002. BSc in Computer Science from Brunel University and MBA from the University of Patras, he has been working with RA-CTI since 2001.He has been involved in a large number of RA-CTI’s projects as a software engineer.


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