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The REVIT project in producing the Distance Learning framework (DL framework) that will serve as a multimodal learning and communication platform will achieve the following results and products:
  • A web based Distance Learning Service, exploiting second generation Web developments for e-Learning, supporting both synchronous and asynchronous ODL modes, including e-Learning 2.0 features and tools, adhering to a suitable pedagogical approach.
  • A well documented and easy to understand and implement methodology for using the DL framework across educational sectors according to the specific learning needs of the remote community which focuses on these needs. This will be recorded in the output guidelines for using the DL framework for School and Adult education, while recommendations will be also outlined for other levels of education.
  • The revitalization of small and remote schools by recharging the role of the school as a focal point for lifelong learning in a remote rural community.
  • The exploitation of human potential in rural or insular remote areas e.g. schoolteachers or other inspired and forward looking educated members of the community, allowing us to ensure that we address the real educational needs of each local community to increase participation by canvassing the local population to detect these needs as they express them
  • An extendable knowledge base with a set of sample prototype educational courses for school students as well as adults, ICT based educational material and scenarios for educational activities, etc. This material also includes user generated content which is produced by using the web 2.0 tools incorporated in the DL Services System and in fact it will enrich the initial content produced by the course designers.
  • A set of Research Studies/ Reports describing and concluding the experimental application of the DL Framework in 5 European remote application areas in partner countries (Greece, Finland, Poland, Bulgaria, Cyprus), and evaluating the whole venture.
  • A community of people living in European remote rural areas who have been exposed to and have enjoyed an ICT based learning experience in which they play a key role in forming the DL courses they attend
  • A community of educators and education experts (teachers, trainers, etc.) involved in the design and implementation of a focused LifeLong Learning initiative
  • A Conference organized near the end of the project aiming to present the results of the project to the academic and educational community, where people who would have contributed in any way in the project from all partner countries will participate in order to exchange their experiences of the project.

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