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Revit Ambiente virtuale 3D

If this is the first time that you are using the Revit 3D Virtual Environment then you have to follow the steps that are described on the Exploring the 3D Virtual Environment link on the Online Help Menu.

In Short,

  1. Install the Second Life® ( ) client (check system and networks requirements)
  2. Modify the Second Life shortcut properties on your desktop to reach our island
  3. Run Second Life®

If you have already used the Revit 3D Virtual Environment, and the Second Life® software is already installed in your computer, then you just need to run Second Life® from the destination folder (by default SecondLife gets installed in C:\Program Files\SecondLife).
You can run SecondLife either from the Start Menu:

Start --> Program Files -->SecondLife --> SecondLife












Or by double clicking on the SecondLife os.JPG Shortcut on your computers desktop.



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